Jay Dicharry at REP Biomechanics Lab in Bend Oregon

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Technology Driven, Evidence-Based
Sports Performance with Jay Dicharry, PT

  • REP Lab uses a state-of-the-art force plate instrumented treadmill to collect your individual data in real-time.
  • Jay Dicharry, PT uses the data this to optimize your sports performance plan

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Combine Endurance, Explosiveness and Education to maximize sports performance at the REP Lab in Rebound’s Westside clinic. Our lab director, Jay Dicharry, PT, is leading the field of biomechanical analysis, strength assessment, and functional mobility in sport. Our physiological specialist, Stephanie Howe, MS, provides coaching services and individualized training plans to fit the needs of unique individuals.

Jay Dicharry has been as leading biomechanist since 1995 and now brings his world-renowned expertise to the REP Lab in Bend, OR. The REP Lab not only partners with shoe companies to assist with design but assesses and treats athletes from the novice to the Olympic and professional levels. We focus on evidence-based best practices in treating underlying biomechanical problems, not just symptoms. By using extensive data analysis from proprietary cutting edge treadmill, force plate and 3D computer analysis software, Jay and his team can fine tune your stride, pedal stroke, address knee or low-back pain and increase your performance.

heather-jacksonHeather Jackson got married last weekend then made it over to Timberman 70.3 in Gilford, NH to get 2nd the very next weekend. Way to rock!

mtb-finishCarl Decker raced 7 days straight at high altitude of CO. Breck Epic followed by Spring Sting in Colorado Springs. I bet he’s tired! Way to race!

teamLook at all those Oiselle birds of Bird Camp 2015. From what we heard Leavenworth was great!

serenaSerena Gordon finished on the podium of Breck Epic and even took a stage WIN!

time-trialHeather Jackson was dueling Angela Naeth at Timberman and Ang came out on top. So aero!