Jay Dicharry, PT, REP Director

jay-bioOriginally from New Orleans LA, Jay completed the Masters of Physical Therapy degree at Louisiana State University Medical Center and is a Board- Certified Sports Clinical Specialist. Jay built his international reputation as an expert in biomechanical analysis as Director of the SPEED Clinic at the University of Virginia. Through this innovative venture, Jay was able to blend the fields of clinical practice and engineering to better understand and eliminate the cause of overuse injuries in endurance athletes. His unique approach goes outside the traditional model of therapy and aims to correct imbalances before they affect your performance. Jay literally wrote the book on running gait assessments: he is author of “Anatomy for Runners”, writes columns for numerous magazines, and has published over a dozen professional journal articles and three book chapters. Jay has had an active research career, and consults for numerous footwear companies, the US Air Force and USA Track and Field. His research focus on footwear and the causative factors driving overuse injury continues at Rebound, and he’ll provide its patients with an unmatched level of innovation and success. Having taught in the Sports Medicine program at UVA, he brings a strong bias towards patient education, and continues to teach nationally to elevate the standard of care for Therapists, Physicians, and Coaches working with endurance athletes. In addition to his clinical distinction, Jay is a certified coach through both the United States Track and Field Association and the United States Cycling Federation, and a certified Golf Fitness Instructor through Titleist Performance Institute. He has a competitive history in swimming, triathlon, cycling, and running events on both the local and national level, and has coached athletes from local standouts to national medalists. He is excited to share this passion with the team at Rebound, and explore the Pacific Northwest with his family on knobbies, skis, boards, and soles.

Teaching Experience

2010-12    VA Curry School of Education and Human Services Course Instructor: EDHS 3610: Human Anatomy. Fall – Identification of structure of the human body for allied health, sports medicine, and biomechanical engineering students.
2011-12    UVA Curry School of Education and Human Services Course Instructor: EDHS 3640: Neuromuscular Basis of Human Movement. Spring – Study of the biomechanics and neuro-control systems that govern movement, with an emphasis on assessment and intervention to minimize tissue stress and correct dysfunction.
2012-2005    Invited lecturer to undergraduate, graduate, and medical residency programs, and Grand Rounds at the University of Virginia with focus on musculoskeletal assessment, tissue pathomechanics, walking and running gait analysis, bike fit, swim technique, shoe prescription, exercise physiology, and athletic skill development.
2014    UVA Running Medicine Conference: “Run Better: a focus on strength and power development for clinicians” and “Strength and Power Exercise Lab”
2014    Healthy Running Course – two day CME course in Laguna Beach, Accredited through West Virginia University
2013    USATF Podium Conference “ Solving the Mystery of Running: Practices for Sustaining an Injury Free Career”
2013    The Distance Summit – USATF Level 3 Coaching Symposium – “Building the optimal athlete” and “Footwear for Performance”
2013    USA Triathlon Level One Coaching Education Course: Instructor
2013    “Running Smart” – two day CME course in Boulder, CO
2013    University of Michigan two day CME course: Putting the Athlete in Triathlete: A Clinicians Role in Endurance Sports
2013    UVA Running Medicine Conference – “What to Expect, When You’re Expecting: how clinical measures impact gait”
2013    The Distance Summit – USATF Level 3 Coaching Symposium “The Impact of the Runner on Running Form” and “Footwear Selection for Performance”
2013    The Speed Summit – USATF Level 3 Coaching Symposium “How to Prep the Body for Optimal Strength, Speed, and Power Development”
2012    International Running Retailer Conference: Better Runners: Retailers as Educators
2012    Andrews Institute – “New Paradigms in Endurance Sports”
2012    UVA Running Medicine Conference – “Strengthening for Runners” & “Running Shoes: What do we know?”
2012    Rockingham Memorial Hospital Conference Series – “Shoulders: Swimmers Aren’t Pitchers”
2012    South by Southwest Festival – “When Biomechanics Attack”
2012    APTA CSM Chicago – “Technological Assessments in Running”
2012    Super Distance Summit – Performance Limitations in Running
2011    Endurance Augusta – “Screening and Assessment to Improve Your Athletes”
2011    Super Distance Summit Colorado – “Biomechanics of Running” and “Screening Tools for Running Coaches”
2011    UVA Running Medicine Conference: “Gait Analysis: From the Lab to the Track”
2011    New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries: “Biomechanics of Gait” March & July
2010    Super Distance Summit North Carolina – “Biomechanics of Running” and “Screening Tools for Running Coaches”
2010    Marine Corp Marathon Medical Conference: “Is Barefoot Running Better?”
2010    Friendship Heights Course: “Tissue Mechanics and Exercise Prescription for Therapists”
2010    United States Air Force Senior Medical Leadership Conference – “Efficient Running – Passing the Test”
2010    UVA Running Medicine Conference: “Management of Stress Fractures”, “Management of Osteitis-Pubis”, and “Is Barefoot Running Better?”
2010    Friendship Heights Course: “The Triathlete as Patient”
2009    F.I.T. Institute – Clinical Gait Evaluation
2009    UVA Running Medicine Conference: “Clinical Bike Fit”
2009    Trek Bicycles Level 2 Fit Program – Time Trial and Triathlon Bike Fit
2009    Friendship Heights PT Course: “Running Mechanics and Their Impact on Your Patient”
2009    GCMAS Conference Poster “Open Chain Foot Control is a Function of Foot Structure During Running”
2008    GMCMAS Conference Poster “Is the Clinically Used Sit-to-Stand Navicular Drop Test an Indicator of Dynamic Navicular Drop During Walking and Running?”
2008    UVA Running Medicine Conference: “Pose vs. Chi: Cued Running Styles”
2007    UVA Running Medicine Conference – “Rehab of Gender Specific Running Gait Dysfunction”, Pre-Conference Seminar: Running Gait Analysis: How to Use It”
2007    SICI Cycling Symposium: “Low Back Pain in Cycling”
2006    Art and Science in Sports Medicine Conference – “Manual Therapy in Performance”
2006    UVA Running Medicine Conference – “Training and Program Design”
2005    UVA Running Medicine Conference – “Footwear Update” & “Performance Gait Analysis”
2004    UVA Running Medicine Conference – “Anatomy of Footwear” & “Core Stability”

Research Projects

Technological Assessment of the Athlete 2013-present
In conjunction with United States Olympic Committee. Role: Project Developer. Establish a paradigm of clinical and performance metrics for all National Team Athletes.

Footwear and Stability 2013-present
Role: Investigator. Examine the influence of footwear on running mechanics, performance, and stability to validate and alter shoe design.

Effects of minimal footwear on structure 2012-present
Role: Co-Investigator. Examine the impact of minimal running shoe design on kinematics, kinetics, and internal musculoskeletal changes and strain distributions.

Footwear and Stability 2011-present
Role: Investigator. Examine the influence of minimal footwear on joint stability and performance to validate and alter shoe design.

Footwear and Running Economy 2012-present
Role: Investigator. Examine the influence of footwear on running economy and performance to validate and alter shoe design.

Mobile Gait Technology Assessment 2013
Role: Investigator. Examine the potential of mobile technology to assess running gait for shoe prescription and gait cueing.

Footwear 2012-2013
Sponsored by Under Armor. Role: Investigator. Examine the influence of novel shoe construction techniques on health and injury risk to validate and alter shoe design.

USAF Athlete Analysis and Running Form Education Project 2010-2012
Sponsored by United States Air Force. Role: Investigator. Develop a screening and rehabilitation plan to implement in 500,000 US Airmen world wide to improve performance parameters in annual running performance testing.

Effect of Chronic Ankle Instability on gait 2010-2012
Role: Dissertation committee advisor. Examine the influence chronic ankle instability on gait under shod conditions.

Effect of Vibration on Cycling Performance. 2010-2012
Role: Investigator. Examine the influence of simulated road vibration on cycling economy.

Core stability assessment techniques and their impact on running gait 2010-2011
Role: Co-investigator. Examine the effectiveness of screening tools ability to identify or correlate to gait dysfunction patterns.

Running mechanics following cycling 2010-2011
Role: Co-investigator. Examine the influence a simulated cycling bout on running mechanics.

Optimal Shoe Construction 2010
Role: Investigator and Advisor to student Capstone project examining the effects of shoe construction on limb stiffness to affect injury risk and running economy.

Association of Gait Parameters 2009-2010
Role: committee member for doctoral thesis examining the ability of functional movement screening tools and sling-based exercise therapy to predict gait parameters.

The effect of Chronic Ankle Instability on Gait. 2009-present
Role: advisor and committee member for doctoral thesis to identify changes in kinematic occurring when running in shoes and barefoot.

Effects of cycling on running performance 2009-2010
Role: advisor and committee member for master’s thesis project examining the effect of cycling on running performance in triathlon training.

Fit Guidelines for Cyclists – Trek Bicycles 2009-2010
Role: Developed a fit system for time trial and triathlon bikes for the Fit Services Division of Trek Bicycles to be used in their national training programs.

Normative Human Movement Study of Gait 2007 – 2012
Sponsored by Brooks Sports Inc. Role: Sub-Investigator and Study Coordinator (P.I. is Robert Wilder, MD) examining the effects of varied shoe construction as it related to walking and running gait performance and injury

The Effect of Vibration on Proprioception in Gait. 2007-2009
Sponsor Afferent Corporation. Role: sub-Investigator. (DC Kerrigan was P.I.) Investigate the effect of a sub-sensory threshold on gait variability and safety.

Age Related Changes in Flexibility 2007 – 2009.
Sponsored by NIH. Role: Sub-Investigator (P.I. was D.C. Kerrigan) to examine the functional changes that occur in a stretching intervention in healthy and frail elderly populations.

E.A.G.L.E Partial Body Weight Support system 2005-2008
Sponsored by Mobility Research. Role: sub-Investigator. Develop and utilize an actively modulated partial body weight support system to enhance functional gait performance and recovery in patients affected by stroke.

Publishing Experience


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