Jen Luebke, Coach

jen-penticton2REP administrative assistant and professional triathlete Jen Luebke is now teaching Running PBC classes at Rebound PT. She comes from a teaching background joining the REP Biomechanics Lab in Bend after teaching math classes for the Missoula College and the University of Montana. While she was there she was also coaching swimming as a USA Swimming endorsed coach for the Missoula Aquatic Club as well as Missoula Masters, every age from 6 to 86. Her role at the pool didn’t stop there; she also taught the swimming classes for the University of Montana. Teaching cycling classes for the University, a women’s club, and an adult education center rounded out her instruction in Missoula. Now in Bend, Jen is training for half and iron distance triathlon outside of her time at Rebound and REP. Training includes fun Bend adventures like swimming back and forth across Elk Lake, riding around Mount Bachelor, and running up and down the Deschutes River Trail.

As a teacher Jen finds it important to explain the purpose of exercises in the grand scheme, cater to every ability in a class, and provide a fun, safe environment. At the REP Biomechanics Lab we like to lay the basic groundwork and then build from there. Every exercise has a purpose and a progression. We’ll start with the basics and work our way into the challenging exercises. With this, Jen finds it important to make sure everyone is equally challenged. While some might be jumping onto a short step, others could be jumping onto a 24 inch plyo box and that’s okay! All of this is done while having fun and being safe. The best part of REP Performance + Biomechanics Classes is that anyone can join!