Oiselle Running Team

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Since day one, Oiselle has been inspired by women who toe the line. Who not only love to run, but who also love to get after it at the races…experiencing both the high fives and hard knocks that come with putting it all out there. That, plus the big, beautiful sisterhood. In which our ups and downs are not a solitary sum, but rather a common bond…that keeps us upright and moving forward. It was a very small leap from these core ideas to the notion of starting a Oiselle Team. Running apparel…plus women who love to run…well y’all know that’s an easy equation. Plus, we needed you. We needed help creating awareness about our brand. True to start-up form, we were rich in mojo but flat out strapped in our spending.


Running has an incredible way of kicking your ass and humbling you when you least expect it. Sure, it helps us cope and survive our day to day lives, but when I’m chasing a goal that feels impossible, I feel like I’m doing everything I can to become the strongest version of myself. And unlocking the confidence that I feel whenever I run outside of my comfort zone has changed my life. 

Author: Kelly Roberts
Posted: May 26, 2017, 12:00 am