Professional Bike Fit – Performance or Medical


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$350 one-time cost
What’s included:

  • Biomechanical Testing & Bike Fitting
    • 2hrs with Jay Dicharry PT to assess strength, mobility, pedaling mechanics and bike fit. Uses 3D video analysis with Dartfish.
    • Interpretation of this objective data and recommended corrective form and exercises.
    • Review of current and appropriate footwear, cleat position, bike size and other equipment needs.
  • Test Analysis / Recommendations Report
    • A complete written report of your findings
    • Video resources to demonstrate corrective exercises.

Jay Dicharry, PT – Director of REP Lab in Bend, OR

What We Assess and How

  • Assessment of strength, mobility and cycling biomechanics
  • Cycling specific therapeutic exercises and manual therapy
  • Video analysis software
  • Shoe/cleat adjustment
  • Injury prevention
  • Strength training, balance, and flexibility
  • Transition to community-based performance improvement programs


Professional bike fits can maximize cycling performance, minimize cycling injuries and increase your comfort while riding. Combining industry-leading measurement tools with world-class experience and knowledge of sports performance biomechanics will help you achieve your cycling potential.


If you have neck pain, back pain, or knee pain, hand or foot numbness, or saddle sores your bicycle probably is not fitted to you properly. Correct cycling position is key to decreasing pain and preventing injuries as well as improving power and efficiency. A bike fit performed by a physical therapist also includes a biomechanical evaluation to determine if your cycling posture and pedaling mechanics need improvement.

Previous injuries can change riding symmetry and result in imbalances that can be corrected. Using tools ranging from video analysis software to manual therapies of massage and joint manipulation we are able to adapt the bike to work around the individual and teach the athlete to perform with optimum mechanics. For injured riders, your physical therapist will develop specific restorative exercise routines to help restore function and balance performance. Rebound treats cyclists ranging from casual commuters with knee pain to world cup racers in mountain biking, road biking, and triathlon.

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