Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’ve got questions about the services REP Lab offers, we’ve got answers. Please take a look at the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive and see if yours is included. If not, please feel free to call us at 541-419-8208 or

What does each eval cover?

A comprehensive musculoskeletal exam to identify limitations in your mobility, strength, and neuromuscular control, including an objective force plate treadmill and 3D video biomechanical assessment of your running form. Explanation and interpretation of your results and prescription of corrective exercises and drills as appropriate for you will also be evaluated.

Who do I see?

You evaluation will be one on one with the labs director, Jay Dicharry, PT

How long does it take?

Approximately 2 hours

What do I walk away with?

A written report of your findings, a DVD covering corrective exercises to serve as a resource. We’ll also review footwear and other equipment needs as appropriate.

What does it cost?

$350 running analysis. Jay Dicharry PT assessment of strength, mobility, running mechanics. Instrumented force plate treadmill and 3D video analysis. Interpretation of this objective data and recommended corrective form and exercises. Plan to achieve your running goals. We can accept cash, credit card, check, and care-credit for payment.

Will insurance cover it?

It depends. You have 2 options:

  1. A running gait analysis is a 2 hour appointment for $350. He’ll perform a musculoskeletal exam, give you objective feedback on your running from our 3D instrumented treadmill, give you corrective exercises/stretches/drills, and perform any manual therapy you might need. It is pretty in depth and you’ll walk away with a written report of your appointment and plan of action from there. This is not covered by insurance.
  2. It really depends on what does your health insurance covers. If you get a prescription, you can see Jay as a physical therapy patient. These appointments are similar to getting a running gait analysis but the time in limited to 1 hour in the clinic so you’ll probably need to visit a few times to get in everything that is covered in option 1, excluding the full written report with phased homework. Depending on your insurance, your availability, and our clinic availability, this can be an option.

Can I do a running and cycling eval in the same day? Is there a discount for this?

Yes! – and we are happy to discount $50 off each test if done on the same day.

Is this the same thing as a VO2 test?

VO2 is a physiologic test that looks at the state of your engine. The running evaluations in the Rebound Lab focus on an entirely different aspect: your chassis. Alterations in your running form will have an impact on your athletic performance, but from a different angle. A focus on your biomechanics ensures that you are getting the most from your training day in and day out.

Will this be a hard workout? How do I factor this in my training?

Your time in the Rebound Lab will not be anything like a stress test. Most of the running or cycling will be performed at intensities in the easy to moderately stressful level. The test process should not influence your training cycle in any way. We would ask that you don’t do a killer workout the day prior just to make sure you don’t come in limping.

I’m getting better, but am still not really 100%. Should I be back running at full intensity before I come in for an evaluation?

a. Our research and experience has shown that most of the “problems” that caused your original symptoms are still present after a rest period. So even though you feel better, those same symptoms will likely rise yet again. As long as you are: cleared by your physician to run, can run comfortably for about 15 min, or at least a 1-3/10 on a 10 point pain scale, we can get complete an accurate evaluation. Sure you may still be limping a little, but its best to fix the main issues before your limp causes other issues.

b. Cycling: The best time to make major changes in your bike position when your volume is at a lower point in your season. This being said, our injuries don’t show up only at this time of year. If you are having acute pain related to riding, we can likely intervene to help decrease load on that tissue both in the short and long term to let you continue riding.

When is the best time of the year to get this done?

No time like the present to improve your body. The best way to improve as an athlete is to identify your weaknesses and improve them.

Is this just for Elites?

We’ve worked with everyone from professionals who run sub 2:12 marathons to first time marathoners and recreational riders. And both these extremes provide us with the same challenge: to help you achieve your goals. The tools and knowledge we utilize in the Rebound Biomechanics Lab applies to athletes of all disciplines. We may measure slightly different factors, and emphasize different things based on our body and goals, but the evaluation is equally applicable to all. Every athlete at every level has something to improve. And the second you stop believing that, is the day your competitor passes you by.

Is this only for runners and cyclists?

While we specialize in runners and cyclists, obviously a lot of sports have a need for running. We’ve worked with ALL athletic disciplines ( basketball, football, ski, snowboarding,lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, rugby and all other athletes). We can tailor our evaluation for the demands of your sport.

Is there any follow-up?

All the essential information we need for your evaluation can be obtained in a single session. If you are local, we are happy to book an additional appointment for follow-up. The fee for these is $150 and they typically last an hour. However, many of our clients travel from afar. If you need help we schedule a phone consult with you or your physician/therapist/coach to review the findings and ensure everyone is working together to achieve success.

I need major help. Can I stay a while?

If you are traveling from out of town and wish to stay in Bend for a week or two for ongoing therapy, we can arrange this.

Can I share this report with my physician/ therapist/ coach?

Yes! – please do. The information we derive form your analysis is more in-depth than that available in a traditional clinical setting. View your evaluation as an Xray or MRI. Its allows us to evaluate aspects related to your injury history ad performance that are impossible in a clinical practice.

Do I have to be hurt to come in for an evaluation?

While most of our clients are struggling to resolve a chronic issue, about 20% of our clients have no issues at all. Their aim is to ensure that they are performing at their potential, and minimizing their injury risk.

I just got a brand new pain. Can I come see you?

If you have an acute injury, the best thing to do is go through your traditional channels for a proper diagnosis. You may need additional tests like Xrays and MRI’s to assess your new symptoms, and these need to be ordered by your MD.

What do I bring with me?

Yourself and a smile. For running evaluations, please bring the following: Shorts, a semi-snug top, running shoes, inserts and/or orthotics if appropriate. Bring multiple pairs of shoes if desired.

For cycling, please bring: riding kit, shoes, and your bike. Your bike doesn’t need to be spotless by any means, but please ensure that it is functioning well. If you have additional bars / stems / saddles that you are playing with feel free to bring them along. If you have a mountain bike that has a rear-wheel through axle, please let us know at the time of scheduling.

Where are you located?

Bend is located in the heart of central Oregon in high desert country. Bend is 175 miles SE of Portland, 121 miles NE of Eugene, 500 miles NE of San Francisco, and 343 miles SE of Seattle. lists every possible way to get to Bend at

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What is Bend, OR like?

The city of Bend has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities, events, dining, scenery, and more. Activities for every season include: cycling (road and mountain), skiing (downhill and Nordic), hiking, and more. There are competitive events year round: Cascade Cycling Classic, Pole Pedal Paddle, Triple Crown Baseball Tournament, Halloween Cyclocross Festival. In addition to the competitive activities and events there are outdoor concert series, brew tours, arts, and more.

Where can I stay? has great recommendations for “where to stay” in Bend:

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