Strength / Power


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Strength / Power Consultation

$350 one-time cost
What’s included:

  • Strength / Power Testing
  • 2hrs with Jay Dicharry PT
  • Musculoskeletal assessment of strength, mobility, and power.
  • Instrumented force plate analysis
  • Data will be interpreted with regard to your body to produce corrective exercises to improve the quality of movement as well as a systematic progression to improve the sports-specific training in the gym to improve your performance on the field, court, and trails.
  • Goal setting

Test Analysis / Recommendations Report

  • A complete written report of your findings
  • Video resources to demonstrate corrective exercises.

The research on strength and power training for both team and endurance athletes is clear: producing more force in a shorter amount of time equates to higher jumps, faster times, and reduced injury across the board. Weight training and plyometrics are no longer viewed as complimentary to your daily training, but essential.

The difference between strength and power

While these terms are used interchangeably, they are quite different and very specific to sports performance. Strength is the ability to generate force, and its not time dependent. Just move your body and the training load to get the job done. If you want to run faster, cut harder, and jump higher, you need to increase the force you put down to the ground. But when running, cutting, and jumping, you don’t hang out on the ground all day. Actually your contact times are quite short, in some cases less than a tenth of a second. If you want to improve your performance, its critical that you can deliver your force at the rate required for your sporting goals.


At the REP Lab, we continually assess and monitor your strength plan to ensure that your brain and your body are building coordination, strength, and power to hit your mark. From there we produce training plans specific to your sport. Because no one really cares if you squat more than they do, but they do care when they see your name up on the scoreboard.